Welcome to Core Essentials Peak Performance, an online course series designed to empower you to build your own full-body routines and become your own coach. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, our program provides you with the essential tools and knowledge to transform your workouts and achieve peak physical condition.


Rediscover your strength, one step at a time.

Imagine this: You bravely embarked on a journey into the world of exercise, perhaps after a significant life event like giving birth. However, pain or discomfort quickly dampened your enthusiasm, causing you to hesitate and withdraw. But fear not, you're not alone in this journey, and it's far from over. It's time to overcome your frustrations and reignite your path towards a healthy lifestyle.

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Our specialist

Dr. Jess:
Your trusted guide

With a doctorate in Physical Therapy and extensive experience helping individuals return to an active lifestyle after frustrating injuries, Dr. Jess decided to create an educational series to help people have a positive experience with exercise.

The goal is to avoid frustrations and injuries that land you in the doctor's office or the Physical Therapist's office and help you learn how to structure a well-rounded exercise routine that can be implemented safely from home or the gym without the extra cost or dependence of hiring a personal trainer. Learning how to customize a routine that fits your lifestyle, your goals, and meets your interests is the best way to truly have an enjoyable experience and benefit from all of the positive health benefits at the same time!

Tackle your exercise hurdles with confidence

Overcoming past exercise challenges?

If past experiences with discomfort or injury have made you hesitate, you're not alone. Many face similar challenges, but it doesn't have to stay this way. By gaining the knowledge from a trusted Physical Therapist that is passionate about keeping people active, healthy, and not in her office, you can retake control back in your life.

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our program

A fitness plan tailored to you

Our Program offers a series of pre-recorded courses you can watch from the comfort of your home and are designed to help you remove the barriers to having a positive experience with exercise. Once you take a step back and understand the big picture of exercise it is much easier to appreciate the detail that is required to implement a program with success and not frustration. Then you can use that knowledge to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of how you exercise to meet your own personal goals.

We address the barriers of lack of knowledge for how to balance cardio vs. strengthening vs. stretching, how to effectively implement whole body strengthening with affordable equipment, and how to progress from where you are today with your fitness level to where you want to go. With this knowledge you can get rid of the prohibitive cost of ongoing personal training and expensive gym memberships, and save time in your day by strategically structuring your routine to be as efficient as possible.

We then top it off with ongoing support through the Exercise Now: Full Body App. Through this app you stay supported with new weekly workouts based on your current level and an exercise library to spark your creativity for structuring your own routines.


Gain an intimate understanding of your body's capabilities and limitations


Cultivate the belief to independently maintain fitness


Establish a personalized exercise regimen designed for longevity


Witness measurable enhancements in strength, stability, and overall fitness


Learn to exercise consistently without injury setbacks

your plan

What’s included in your plan?

The Core essentials plan includes lifetime access to ALL of our current courses. Plus, get 2 Weeks of Free Access to our exclusive Exercise Now:Full Body app, where you can explore our comprehensive exercise library and pre-built workouts.

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Exercise, Where to Start?

Start your journey with customized exercise guidance, tailored to you.

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Learn to Love Your TRX Straps

Experience results you never expected through the use of suspension trainers (TRX straps).

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Bosu Fun: Challenge Accepted

Gain newfound confidence in your fitness journey by effectively using a Bosu in your exercise routine.

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Yoga Ball: Let's Roll

Explore expert guidance for reaching your fitness goals through the use of a yoga ball.

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Get access to our ENTIRE library of courses in addition to our app where you can access all of our exercise guides at any time.

Success stories from our happy clients

Thousands have transformed their lives with our courses, navigating away from the discomfort and towards active, healthy lifestyles.

“One of the best decisions I made”

"I was skeptical at first. I didn't know if it would really work or if it was just another fad... but I am so glad I trusted my gut and did this. I have struggled for years to meet my fitness goals and finally feel like I am on the right track. I have used personal trainers and have gone to workout classes in the past but nothing ever got me where I wanted to be. I have been using the Core Essentials Insiders app and having the ability to do a full body work out meeting me where I am and having the ability to perform at my own pace. Thank you for an incredible opportunity!"
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Dorie H

“Made the fear of lifting disappear”

"After I got injured, I never thought I would be able to do advanced lifting exercises. After several weeks of Physical Therapy, I was feeling better but was nervous about returning to exercising on my own without the Physical Therapist’s guidance. The Core Essentials Insiders app allowed me to have the corrections I needed from a Physical Therapist and regain my confidence in lifting. Now I enjoy the app for their pre-planned weekly whole body workouts without the fear of re-injury."
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“Enjoying a healthier lift again”

"I did not feel like I would ever want to exercise again. After a bad experience in the gym and landing me in Physical Therapy I never really wanted to exercise again. I can upon the Core Essentials Insiders app and saw that the exercises were Physical Therapist lead with pre-planned weekly exercises with different levels meeting you where you are and libraries filled with exercises using different types of equipment to make my own routines. I felt more comfortable with using this app and have started to enjoy exercising again!"
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Scott M

"Life changing"

"I started seeing Dr. Jess after having complications with my mastectomy. She has proven to be an amazingly proficient and caring professional. Her knowledge of my body and what I am going through has been life changing. It is clear that she truly cares for her patient's health. I highly recommend her if you are in need of a physical therapist, and /or a Lymphedema Therapist."
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Lisa B

Success start

Your path to success starts here

Join the like-minded community of those who have transformed their lives away from frustration and discomfort to an enjoyable active and healthy lifestyle.

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FREE ACCESS to our app

Unlock more with our app

Enjoy 2 weeks of free access to Exercise Now: Full Body, boasting an extensive library and pre-built workouts to keep you supported for the long term. It's important to have ongoing support in your fitness journey, which is why the app was specifically designed to include a wide diversity of exercises which allows you to build off concepts you initially learn in the courses

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A’s to your Q’s

Have all your questions answered here.

What if I'm not physically ready to follow an exercise course?

The course includes a full body screen and checklist to assess your mobility and strength before beginning any exercise. After the assessment, there will be video instruction on how to fill in any mobility and strength gaps you may have. If you are unable to fill in these gaps with the videos provided, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare provider to ensure you’re safe to start exercising.

How long do I have access to the course content once I purchase it?

You will have lifetime access once you purchase the course content.

What if I want to continue access to the app after the 2 week free period?

After the 14 day free trial period ends subscription to the app is $9.99/month and can be canceled at any time.

I've tried many exercise programs before and none have worked. Why should this one be any different?

This program is different from others due to its customizable and comprehensive plan to help you improve whole-body strength, mobility, and flexibility while also teaching you how to improve your cardiovascular stamina with guidance from a specialty trained Doctor of Physical Therapy. You will also end this series by becoming proficient in affordable equipment, will be able to build your own comprehensive exercise routines, and will have the knowledge on how to progress these circuits so you’re never bored or plateau again.

Do I need any special equipment to follow along with the exercises?

Free weights and bands for beginning courses. TRX straps, BOSU, and a yoga ball will be needed for the subsequent courses.

Take charge of your fitness journey today

Procrastination won’t lead to transformation. Kickstart your fitness journey with Core Essentials today and set the foundation for a fulfilling, active life.